As a Green Door Member you'll get lots of super fresh, certified organic fruits, vegetables,
and leafy greens at
low, low prices. Our baskets contain only USDA Certified Organic
and is NON GMO, and Gluten Free.

You can choose between our
Regular basket filled with a super variety of fruits, vegetables,
and leafy greens, or our
Low Glycemic basket which does not contain any high starch or
high glycemic fruit/veg/greens.

Four locations serving Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice;  pick-up times are every Friday
generally  between  1:00pm - 5:30pm with slightly longer hours at our downtown Sarasota
location.  Click
 Here  to see our specific locations and times.

There are three sizes to choose from:  
The Small bag is designed for 1-2 people to last about a week. Our Large bag is family
size, or for individuals who eat a lot of veggies. The Jumbo basket is best for vegetarians,
vegans, and large families.

Each week you will get a mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens with fresh herbs
like garlic, ginger, parsley, etc. once or twice a month . We fill your orders with as much  
local and Florida grown certified organic produce as we can, based on season and
availability, so there is a lot of variety.  Be sure to check out our
Weekly Order  page each
week to see what is on order for that Friday.

To begin receiving a weekly fruit and veggie basket complete the simple membership
...Says "Whether you're         
interested in boosting your    
health or slimming down,       
eating more Fruits and          
Veggies will help"  ....
."When  you have a choice,    
think Fruits and Vegetables     
every meal, and for snacks     
in between"
Premium Organics at an Affordable Price
Premium Organics at an Affordable Price
Serving Sarasota, Bradenton & Venice
Affordable prices
Weekly recipes
Farm Fresh
Bulk Juicing and Dry Foods  
Organic Home & Body Care
... recommends eating five
or more servings every day
of fruits & vegetables.
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The American
Cancer Society.

..Suggests eating lots of
Fruits and Vegetables
can help lower your
Cancer risk